Friday, October 15, 2010

Portrait Assignment - My buddy Rob


A photo of my friend Rob, taken by the St. Joseph River near Johnny Appleseed.

Rob pretending to brood ...


Rob telling a story.


Sunday, October 3, 2010

Food Assignment

For this project I thought I'd photograph the best foods in the world - a head of garlic on a small bed of parsley, some loose garlic cloves, a selection of Greek olives, crumbles of feta cheese, chick peas, and fresh sliced lemon. These are staples in my home kitchen.

Each of these photos has had some form of "airbrushing" in Photoshop. My wife pointed out that the garlic cloves had eyes and looked like little mice, so those were removed with the clone tool.

In this photo I digitally added a decorative background, in addition to removing a blemish or two.

EXTRA. In this photo I experimented with Photoshop's pattern tool for the background, and I also copied the layer containing the feta cheese and tried to draw some more detail out of it.